Editing This Wiki

The Basics

To edit a page, simply click the edit button at the bottom. This will open an editor. Make your changes, preview them (please!), and save 'em! It's that easy. Check out the Documentation pages and Community Portal for more.

There are some pages that can only be modified by moderators, like the navigation panels and the front page. If you want to change one of them, just post a suggestion for the change in the discussion group.

Pride of Authorship

This is a wiki. That means that 10 minutes after you write something, someone else may come and change it. That's the whole point. Take pride in doing your part well, but don't take offense if someone changes it.


That said, if you go to edit a page, please respect the work of the previous contributors. By all means make changes to improve pages, including copy-editing, cleaning up a bit of grammar, clarifying an example, etc., but please don't make unnecessary changes — that is, changes that you don't have a clear-cut reason for making. Pages are usually written by a single person, then added to and extended by others. Respect the work that went before.


Try to keep it light, friendly, and "active". But don't obsess, just write!

Code samples do not need to be in any particular coding or bracing style. Just make sure they're reasonably clear. If you go into edit an article mostly written by others, try to match your style to the style of the other examples in the article; don't change the other examples to match your preferred style.


We currently have three categories:

Other pages can just be in the global namespace, no category required.

Page Name and Title Conventions

WikiDot is very clever at turning text into page names. A lot of the time, you don't have to supply alternate text. For instance, I can create this link: Tip - Hooking Events by typing [[[prototype:Tip - Hooking Events]]]. WikiDot is smart enough to turn that into the page name "prototype:tip-hooking-events" and to leave the category off the display.

"Tips" Pages: The page title should start with "Tip - " and be in title case, e.g., "Tip - Looping Through Arrays".

"How To" Pages: The page title should start with "How To - " and be in title case, e.g., "How To - Hooking Events".


Please use tags. Tags help cross-index the site amazingly well.

Please use tags judiciously. Over-tagging makes tags less useful.

Use existing tags if applicable, e.g., if you're writing about events and go to tag your page, look at the tag cloud — you'll see there's an "events" tag already. Use that rather than (say) "event".

A "Tip" should have the tag "tip", a "How To" should have the tag "howto".

Syntax highlighting

Whenever writing some source code please use the [[code]] block with proper type attribute. This will turn on syntax highlighting for selected language, as well as preserve code indentation. The text is treated as preformatted, so the lines are not wrapped. Please keep that in mind and break long lines if its possible, especially in comments. This should prevent horizontal scrollbars to appear when someone uses low resolution.

Note: The Code Wizard generates incorrect type value for JavaScript. It inserts JavaScipt, while it should be JavaScript. You need to take care of this typo to get the syntax highlighting to work.

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