This page lists some resources that are useful when doing web development — with or without Prototype &!

Add-ons / Plug-ins

We have a whole page dedicated to extras.


  • Firebug - Firebug is a JavaScript debugger, HTML and CSS inspector, and more for Firefox (although "lite" versions are available for IE and Opera). They're having some issues with Firefox 3, but with Firefox 2 it's outstanding.
  • Firebug extensions - Extensions for Firebug that include, amongst other things, debugging server-side code in PHP (FirePHP), Python (FirePython), and others — right there inside the browser!
  • The W3C Markup Validator Service - An easy way to check that your markup is valid.
  • Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar - Explore and modify the DOM, check CSS rules, etc.
  • Pastie - A place to post code examples that get a durable URL and syntax highlighting.
  • JS Bin - A place providing a quick and easy way to test bits of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (with Prototype,, etc.), collaboratively debug code, etc. Kind of a live Pastie. Post live examples that stick around for three months.
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Discussion Groups

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